Tuesday, 22 April 2008

FFs Has it been that long?

Just realised i hadnt posted for a while but i didnt realise it was 6 months.

Heres a wee update on what ive been doing recently.

Im still involved with Raise The River playing in the league , challenges and a weekly satellite game .
I still play the Britbloggerment on Sundays which is always a good laugh.

About 5 weeks ago i thought i'd play the sunday 100k on stars and got a creditable 1328/22500 ,. since then ive played it every week without sucess but u only need to win it once dont u?.

On the live front i played the APAT Scottish open qualifier but no joy , i tried an online satellite but again crashed 19/97 with top 9 getting seats

yesterday there was a draw for another 3 seats but again no joy.looks like the only way im going to get in is to get to the casino early and try to get in as an alternate on the day(3/4 may )

Im gonna try to qualify for the Irish - was there last year and it was a great weekend.

I played 2 satellites to SHG on stars last nightbut failed - I did get my money back when i scored a third in a $3.40 18 man turbo.for a nightly profit of a whole $2

Monday, 19 November 2007


hello readers

ive not posted for a while basically coz i aint been playing much , thats patently obvious coz guess who took the walk of shame at bloggerment 35 . Still coulda been worse , i might have lost to the hammer!!!!!!!!!

Im up for the RTR challenge on tuesday ( details can be found at www.raisetheriver.com ) where ive got $10 and 3hrs 30 mins to make as much of a profit as i can , but what makes this different from the previous challengers is that my better half Mair38 is competing at the same time .
Current leaderboard is

1st - HULLJIMI +$8.98

2nd MATTYH -$4.30

3rd BURNLEYMIK -$10 in 2 hrs 19 mins

so i think this isnt going to be the easiest thing ive ever had to do

I'll let you all know how i got on


Thursday, 8 November 2007

RTR challenge

As i said on my earlier posting mair and I decided to do a dry run , well let me tell u all who are gonna give this a go - its forkin difficult.

I decided to play a few 18 man $1.75 turbos as im not too bad at them and theres a $10.80 1st prize .

So much for being ok at these tourneys , i played 4 and i finished 7th , 7th , 7th , and 6th so no money there . I did however managed to get a second in a 45 man 1.10 turbo where i scooped $10 but i gave up playing after 1hr 45 mins due to being overtired . dunno how Mair got on as she was out cold when i checked on her .

So conclusion : i ended up +$3.65 with 1hr 45 left but im under no illusions that i would have stayed that way had i continued with challenge - i guess i'll need to see when its my turn

Tonite ive got the welsh open APAT online tourney on blue square
probably bust out early but i'll give it my best shot


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

This weeks plans

Think i'll turn pro like amatay ( naaah bugger that Mair would kill me )

i railed Matty last night when he did the RTR blog challenge . Didn't he do well !!!!! so that sort of inspired me to have a dry run before my turn and Mair agreed so it looks like we got our own family dry run comp .

Blonde / virgin challenge is over now so i'm gonna have to come up wi summat else to keep me amused midweek although i hear there is some sort of individual league coming up so i'll enter that


Saturday, 3 November 2007

saturday at the APAT

some drive down it was a friggin nightmare i'd been up since 4 am and drove down to walsall , got here at 11:20 pm absolutely knackered, but a few pints sorted me out.

i got put on the reserve list for the APAT tourney but didnt get in what a bummer.
Mary played really well coming from 500 chips to 15k and bugged out when her AQ ran into KK after a Q high flop, i wouldve called that

earlier i was talkin to mair at the fruities and this strange guy came up to us and said "u must be Mair and Stan"

Poor guy was mikesaban , but i must say what a great guy mike is and i also had a nice chat with lou on mikes phone

Mike lost out when he got rivered with his pocket 9's by AK

pity coz that wouldve thrown him right back in the hunt

My only poker play was a £20 sng 10 man where i cashed out in 3rd winning £40 so i doubled my cash

hope to see u guys at the sunday bloggerment and the DTD team challenge

may the flops be with u


Monday, 29 October 2007

How did it go?

Well thats a good question, not too great i guess . Bugged out the bloggerment when my AA met hulljimi's AK. he hit a K on the flop and another on the turn.So that was me out in 6th and out of the money.Similar story in the DTD league challenge made the final table for the second week in a row but went out 10th. Strange thing tho i was 6th in league before sunday and despite 10th place i drop to 11th , must be the way the scoring system works. Must be a few below me scored heavily .
Never mind still 3 weeks to go but might miss next weeks depending on what goes on at Walsall in the APAT

may the flops be with u all


Sunday, 28 October 2007

Last Week

My god is it a week since my last posting.

Well , poker gods aint been too kind to me loads of bad beats and bad play , think im about $20 down for the week but its the bloggerment and DTD team challenge tonite so hopefully ill cash and get some bucks back.

Been playing Resident Evil 4 on the wii a lot and im hooked.

JUst another small note Mair and I scooped £450 on the lottery last night which will go a long way to our trip to walsall next weekend.
I hope to be unable to play next sunday as either Mair or I or both of us (if i can buy in on the day) will be at final table in the APAT English open

may the flops be with you